The problem is that we do not acknowledge the problem!


It is tough to get us to acknowledge problems. We may love to talk about them but don’t accept them.  

At a personal level, we may be overweight but continue to satisfy ourselves with narratives such as:

  • My body is okay; it is just a little fat around my belly.
  • I put on weight during the winters.
  • I look much bigger and stronger now.

At the business level, we may not have an ERP to manage end-to-end processes but continue to satisfy by narratives such as:

  • ERPs are for manufacturing organisations.
  • ERPs are expensive failures. Why bother?
  • We are not big enough to implement ERP.

The problem is that we do not acknowledge the problem!

This is especially true for executives. They often pretend that everything is fine under their territory. This is one of the main reasons the major players like Blockbusters, Blackberry, Nokia, and Kodak were wiped out overnight from their niche.

Food for thought! It is okay to dream about the future rosy road, as long as we acknowledge the problems on the road ahead!

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