But you do not provide clear requirements!

Project Execution

You may hear this common complaint from the Business Analyst or Consultants:

But you do not provide clear requirements!


The customer does not understand the requirements!


You keep changing your mind about the requirements!

It is one of the common complaints from the Project Team.

But does it makes sense for the Project team to expect that the customer-side Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) would provide precise requirements?

It is like our doctor expects us to tell her the disease affecting us so that she can write a prescription.

It is the project team’s responsibility to ask the right questions, understand business problems, and further interrogate business requirements. Then, work with the technical team to formulate solutions and present them to the customer SMEs.

As an executive, set clear expectations with the Project Team. Remember, if the requirements are incorrect or incomplete, they will affect the entire project delivery. So, set very clear expectation upfront!

But you do not provide clear requirements – is not the excuse you want to listen to!