Beware, educating customers is overrated!

Visioning and Selection

We all are busy doing productive or unproductive work. We like to follow easy steps to achieve the outcome as soon as possible, with minimum effort, cost, and risk.

A Business owner may not be interested in tax calculations. However, he may love to know all about tax benefits. Therefore, an accountant’s attempt to educate the owner about detailed tax complications can be a waste.

Similarly, Business leaders would love to know how the latest technology can add value to their business. However, they may not be interested in how the technology will be implemented. So, educating Business leaders about the intricacies of technology may not add much value.

The point is that we are busy. Therefore, we may not want to learn something new that we may not use regularly.

But here is the trap in enterprise software implementations (ERP/CRM)!

To keep the overall project budget low, the ERP/CRM vendors delegate numerous tasks to the customer’s Project team. For example, Data Migration, Testing, Training, End User Security and Change Management. The assumption is that with some education and training, your Project team should be able to execute these tasks. However, these tasks will always drag the project if you do not have employees with technical skills.

Look out for such wild assumptions during the start of the project.

We all need education to make sensible decisions, not necessarily do everything ourselves! There is a difference, a big difference!

Beware, educating customers is overrated!