The Mindful Leader: Why Paying Attention to Our Mind is Crucial for Effective Listening


As a leader, it is essential to understand that listening is more than just comprehending and interpreting the words spoken by others. It involves utilising all of our senses, along with our heart and mind, to observe, feel, and comprehend the overall experience of connecting with others.

Despite its importance, many of us find it challenging to listen effectively. One of the primary reasons for this is the lack of understanding of the prerequisites of listening, which causes us to consistently fail to listen.

The key to becoming better listeners is to pay attention to our minds during communication. If our minds are at peace, we have a better chance of listening well. However, if our minds are disturbed by ripples of insecurities, excitement, pride, or other emotions, we are likely to fail to connect and listen.

Therefore, it is crucial to practice settling our minds back to a peaceful state whenever we lose our calm during communication. Although it may seem difficult, this practice is well worth it.

As a leader, understanding and practising these prerequisites of effective listening can significantly help us to build stronger relationships. So let us start paying attention to our mind during communication and consciously settle it back to a peaceful state to listen with intent.