Enterprise software selection and selecting a builder!

Visioning and Selection

When we select a builder for our new house, we don’t merely compare their prices and choose who is cheaper than others.

Instead, we carefully shortlist the types of builders that suit our tastes and preferences. We then select a builder that is compatible with us. Then, we get into details to ensure we get value for our investment.

Enterprise software selection is not different. When we send out RFPs, we should not shortlist them based on their estimates. Instead, we should shortlist based on multiple factors, like their experience in our industry, software strengths, and vendors’ success stories. Remember that when reviewing vendor responses for our RFP and comparing price estimates, we are not comparing apples to apples.

So, shortlist a few, establish a trustworthy vendor, and select one for a detailed analysis of the scope.

Remember that vendors do not automatically start delivering value. We must keep them accountable and ensure we maximise the value we should receive from them.