ERP implementation is complete! What is next?

Digital Transformation

Congratulation if the ERP implementation is complete! So what is next for you?

You can choose to relax, pat yourself on the back and chill out or keep grinding to add more value. Read on if you are of the later type.

Here are a few thoughts on the few initiatives to consider after the ERP implementation project completion:

  • Improve the user experience of ERP
  • Improve ERP user security, roles and profiles
  • Develop training and induction learning materials
  • Implement features, modules, and functionality that were parked during the implementation
  • Improve integration capability among ERP and other systems
  • Improve data quality, migration, governance
  • Implement best-of-breed software for other niche processes and integrate with ERP
  • Improve standard reporting capabilities
  • Implement reporting/BI software to work with the ERP

The list can continue, as you can imagine.

The point is that you are never done with the technology. There is always something that you can do to add value to the business.

So, what is next on your list?