Beyond the Buzzwords: The Essence of Transformation!

Digital Transformation

The true essence of transformation:

  1. Transformation is the planned and coordinated move from our current state to our desired new state.
  2. Organisations, things, and people are always changing, but not always transforming.
  3. Transformation is a deliberate effort that takes devotion, hard work, perseverance, and consistency.
  4. We must have compelling reasons for transformation. All parties must be aware of the reasons.
  5. The transformation is not the end objective, but rather a journey towards a better future.
  6. Transformation may necessitate many sacrifices. Human capital, traditional values, existing culture, work practises, thinking patterns, and so on may be sacrificed.
  7. The transformation is challenging because the forces of the status quo are likely to pull the transformation efforts towards them.
  8. Transformation never occurs in a silo. Digital transformation may have an impact on business goals, strategy, and company values. Similarly, Body transformation can have an impact on our habits, rituals, values, and friendships.
  9. Transformation is less about what we may obtain and more about who we become.