How To Estimate ERP Project? Download A Free Estimator!


ERP implementations are complex. There are many moving parts. As a Sponsor, you must look at the big picture and need a 360-degree view of project costs.

However, you often find it difficult to get a firm project estimate. As there are many factors that influence project cost ( e.g. Vendors, Internal cost, Hardware cost).

You often have doubts like:

  • Has vendor covered implementation services and license cost in the estimate?
  • What are the unstated assumptions?
  • What are the other project costs?
  • Have we missed anything major – risk of unpleasant surprises during the project?

I know that feeling and got a solution for this nagging problem!

How to Estimate ERP Project?

I have developed a Master ERP Estimate Template. Download it and add known estimates. Clearly see estimates that are missed by vendors, hardware and internal project costs. You can see the cost for the overall project within minutes.
Use this template as a Master Estimate sheet or as a checklist.

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