How do executives have all the answers?


It seems like executives have all the answers. They have something to say about questions related to finance, technology, HR, economy, or business processes. It appears like you know everything.

So, how is it possible that executives have all the answers?

Let me ask you first:

As an executive, when was the last time you said:

“Sorry, I didn’t understand your question!”


“I am not sure how I can answer your question! Let me get back to you!”


“Please talk to Joe Blogs; he is best to answer this question.”

Let us be honest. No one knows everything. But, as leaders, we pretend to be the smartest in the room.

Leadership is not about knowing all the answers. Leadership is about understanding the question and getting the right people to find the best solution.

I greatly respect the teachers who listened to my questions and helped me to find answers. However, my respect doubled every time I saw them thinking, asking more qualifying questions, and genuinely helping me find the answers.

Our staff and stakeholders are no different.

Take the pressure off your shoulders and support your team to find the best answers. No one expects us to know everything. We are not the smartest in the room!

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