Experts are telling half-truths to gain our attention!


For the weight loss, the health experts are telling half-truths by the statements like:

It does not matter what you eat, but what matters is when you eat!

So, the better approach is to eat a healthy diet AND at the right time AND eat less. But it is so dull even to write. So, to gain our attention, we hear conflicting headings from the experts.

The fact is that to achieve anything significant; we need to work on many things in parallel. For example, to deliver a successful project, we need:

  • Good Executive leadership, and
  • Competent Project team, and
  • Quality, fit-for-purpose software product, and
  • Good Business representation, and
  • Much more.

We must put the effort in multiple avenues in parallel to attain anything significant. So let us keep our focus and do not let the experts distract us!