Don’t fool yourself by assuming you know it all!


Be very cautious when you hear from the ERP/CRM vendor:

Oh, we have done it many times. We are confident that we will complete the project within the set time and budget.

Nothing is straightforward in enterprise application projects. Assuming you know it all is one of the biggest mistakes. You will be much better by cultivating a spirit of learner’s mindset. A learner knows that knowledge is limitless. My today’s decisions are based on my current understanding. Tomorrow, I may have to change my mind because of new knowledge. Learning is constant, and so is navigating, adjusting, recalibrating and progressing towards the set goal.

As a Project Sponsor, cultivate a spirit of learner’s mindset within your team. Be open to new ideas. Then, where required, pivot, adjust and make progress towards the set objective of the project. Don’t fool yourself by assuming you know it all!