How do you get the Project team to commit to the plan?


Lack of ownership and commitment is a common problem in projects. As a result, project leaders and senior stakeholders often struggle to get a commitment.

So, how do you get the Project team to commit to the plan?

Look, there is no silver bullet. But, this tactic works the majority of the time.

That is – Get the task owner to announce the delivery date of the task in public.

For example, get a Subject Matter Expert to announce when the requirements review will be complete. Similarly, get the Supply chain manager to announce the date for completion of Item Master data extract.

Often the hierarchical project structures only allow the Project leaders to report progress on their subordinate’s behalf. Hence, there is a lack of ownership from the people who actually own the tasks.

Try this tactic and see the difference yourself. People are obliged to commit to the task when they publicly announce it!