Do I need to hire an independent consultant?

Digital Transformation

Enterprise software implementations are complex. The Project Sponsors often ponder this vital question:

Do I need to hire an independent consultant?

At the start, it looks easy. Internally, your staff shows enthusiasm and courage. Vendors assure you that you are in safe hands. However, it is often very late in the project; you feel the need to have an Independent Consultant.

Coming back to the question of – do I need to hire an independent consultant?

Absolutely no, if you have successfully implemented enterprise software before. If you have time and have implemented similar software before, you don’t need an independent consultant.

However, if the enterprise software implementation is a new journey for you, consider engaging an independent consultant. Consultants work as a guide and ensure that your project is a smooth ride. In addition, the consultants set up tried and tested risk management and governance processes. You can also leverage their network for other services (Data Migration, Change Management). In addition, they help to promote a healthy working culture and provide necessary guidance to your team.

Few points to think about:

  • Consider the financial and reputation loss if the project fails
  • Consider savings for not making costly mistakes due to the guidance from the consultant.
  • Consider the efficiency gains from not recreating the wheel and using set templates, processes, and structure.

Think long term benefits and risks in mind and make a decision you will be proud of.