Are you hiring an independent consultant? Make sure you do your homework right!

Digital Transformation

In the few previous posts, we discussed the importance of independent consultants in your Digital Transformation journey. They have a vital role to play. So, as a Project Sponsor, you must do your homework before hiring an independent consultant.

The success of your transformation initiative depends on the project team working on it. The independent consultant will be responsible for guiding your team and protecting your interest. Therefore, you must ensure that you engage someone highly reliable and competent. Someone you can trust and rely on.

So, how to find such a consultant or consulting organisation?

During your selection process (homework), try to answer the following questions:

  • What does your success mean to the consultant?

Are you just another customer to pay their bills? How your success will help the consultant and their business? For example, you can be a good reference in the new industry for them; the consultant may likely develop new IP during the engagement.

  • What does commercial engagement mean?

Commercial engagements must be a win-win for both parties. First, however, you must make sure that the consultant will not complicate things and create more work for everyone. Unfortunately, it is a common theme in the consulting world. In the name of best practice, consultants take customers on a long-winded way. Rather than thinking out of the box and tailoring processes, they blindly follow the set processes preached to them by higher authorities. It means more work and hence more cost.

  • Can you partner with them?

Can you trust and partner with the consultant? It is a long term relationship. The consultant must be a cultural fit. You must do reference and background checks. Start small and seek feedback from your team and make sure you can partner with them.

Obviously, you don’t go to a random Dentist for a major dental procedure. Also, you investigate deeply before signing up a builder for your dream house. Similarly, do your homework before hiring an independent consultant for your digital transformation journey. It is vital for the success of your digital initiative.