How Digital Transformation Improves Customer Experience? Learn With Practical Example!


There is much hype about Digital Transformation. Technology vendors often claim it is the next big thing to be a game-changer.


You must understand practically how your business can benefit from Digital Transformation.

Let us see how Digital Transformation takes customer experience to the next level.

How Digital Transformation Improves Customer Experience

Please refer to the following hypothetical example.

Consider a retail business that wants to give the best customer experience through digitalisation Initially, the company had a low level of Digital Maturity (DM). But, they invest in digital assets over time and improve their DM.

Ultimately, the business was able to take the customer experience to a whole new level.

Let us look at their journey:

  • DM 0 – The retail business does not have an online presence. All customers visit stores in person to order goods.
  • DM 1 – The business has invested in Customer Portal. Now customers have a choice to buy online in-store.
  • DM 2 – The business wanted to learn deeply about their customers (behaviour, needs). So, the company has invested in analytics. As a result, the digital systems started to save every customer interaction.
  • DM 3 – With the help of data, the business has developed a deep understanding of its customers. The company now understands its customer’s needs and wants at a much more profound level. So, the business is sending customised marketing, promotions and content to their customers. It is a game-changer for the company. Customers love to see how much the business knows about them as individuals. With this connection, they develop a deep relationship with the business.

Summary – How Digital Transformation Improves Customer Experience?

Do not be distracted by shiny objects and fluffy words! Digital Transformation has value to offer. But, understand what it means for your business at a practical level. Do you know how Digital Transformation will practically improve the experience of your customers?