How to increase team efficiency?

Project Execution

You don’t just need power from your legs to land a perfect Karate kick. You need power from the entire body simultaneously. Therefore, your body must work as a unit.

Similarly, to achieve something significant project team must work as a single unit. They must act swiftly, reduce work-in-progress (WIP) tasks, and focus on only a few tasks.

Try out the following suggestions to increase team efficiency:

  • Measure the right thing: Instead of measuring time spent on a task or billable time of the individual resource, measure work completed by the team.
  • Reduce WIP: Actively reduce WIP and focus on a few tasks in hand only. More tasks mean more distraction and less work
  • Get ducks in a row: It is difficult, but no harm in trying. Ensure that all the task owners, decision-makers, and key stakeholders are in contact throughout the task.

In summary, these are the lean principles in action. Try them to make a real difference within your team!

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