Get Your Organisation on Board: How to Sell Your Next Big Idea?

Change Management

Getting an organisation to act on innovative ideas is often a challenge. As a leader, it can be difficult to get key stakeholders on board to move forward with these ideas. So, what can you do to sell your next innovative idea within the organisation?

Initially, people do not resist the ideas themselves but rather the individuals proposing them. Therefore, if people respect and like you, they are more likely to listen to and act on your ideas. However, this can also be problematic. As you want a healthy debate about new ideas and not simply implementation to make you happy.

If the people around you do not know you well or do not respect you for any reason, what should you do then? How to sell your next big idea?

One of the easiest and most effective ways to genuinely sell your idea is to make it a group effort. When the idea is perceived to be a team, group, or company idea, it has a much higher chance of being accepted. Popular ideas are supported by people because they start to believe that it is their own idea.

Of course, you may lose recognition of your idea. But, as a leader, making progress on the idea should be the priority. Ultimately, it is important to focus on the success of the idea and not just personal recognition.