Revive Innovation: Embrace the Imagination Surge!

Digital Transformation

Observe little kids playing. You may witness the height of imagination during their play. To them, their imaginary world is real. Their imaginary world is free of constraints, rules of the physical world, and other boundaries.

As we grow older, we lose touch with our imagination. If someone does, people may shut them down. Running wild imaginations may sound very uncomfortable and odd, too.

However, we may be missing out on the vast opportunity.

How about we meet on a Friday afternoon and run wild with our imaginations as peers? For example, we imagine new ways of engaging customers, imagining future business models, and dreaming about the ideal employee and employer relationship.

Maybe we let our minds lose and imagine beyond our limitations and weaknesses.

In theory, we should get some wild and fantastic ideas for transformation.

Please don’t leave it there. Consider trying for yourself and seeing if you can make a difference!