Innovation is much simpler and more profound than you may think!

Digital Transformation

When you hear the word innovation, what comes to your mind?

You may think about new or emerging technology. For example, Blockchain, Crypto, IoT, AI, and Robotics. Other things that come to your mind may be a lot of capital investment projects.

It may sound too much. You may be led to believe that you are not ready for innovating. You may be thinking that it is too much of a commitment.

However, innovation is much simpler and more profound than you may think.

Innovation is simply challenging the status quo with a new idea. The improvement may be big or small, but it is new thinking. It may be related to technology, process, people or a mix of them.

Innovation is not about any given project. It is instead a mindset. A mindset of continuously challenging the status quo and bringing new ways to engage, serve and connect. It is about engraining a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation.

Note that what was innovative yesterday in the standard process today. Innovation is the continuous push to improve what we have today.

Are you ready for it?