Is ERP worth it?

Digital Transformation

After hearing the horror stories of failed ERP implementations, many executives and business owners question investing in ERP implementations. There is no doubt that ERP implementations are risky, expensive and complex. They cost way too much money.

So, is ERP worth it?

The answer to the above question is not – It depends!

Instead, every cent you put on ERP implementation is worth it!

If there are too many accidents in your town, hopefully, you will not drop your desire to own a car. Instead, you may get good insurance and drive carefully.

Similarly, ERP has immense value to add to your business. Complex and risky ERP implementations should not stop you from investing in them.

Many Business owners who invested in clunky homegrown software twenty years ago are proud of their decision. Due to their investment in the software, they had an edge in their market. Consider the possibilities of using ERP twenty years from now!

I know spending a considerable chunk of money implementing ERP is difficult. However, a better way to look at this is not what you will be investing but the value you will be getting. Like investing in an asset, think of spending on ERP as an investment in a digital asset. So, start by evaluating your returns on investment.

ERP is worth it!