Transformation: It is not going to be easy!

Digital Transformation

My football team has a good record of losing more often than winning. I decided to transform the team into a consistent winner. To fulfil my dream, I hired a coach with a track record of transforming teams.

I know that it is not going to be easy. Not everyone is going to like this decision. Players may resist the new coach. A few players may leave. Things may get worse before they get any better. It can all be very stressful, with a lot of financial investment and emotional trauma.

Yes, it is not easy because I choose a difficult path of massive change and transformation.

The same is valid for sponsoring a major digital initiative within your organisation. You are at the forefront of change. So, you must plan to manage the change and transformation, knowing that there can be damaging effects in the short term with considerable benefits in the long run. A successful transformation wants us to have the courage and perseverance to keep going positively with the long-term goals in mind, knowing we may have to bear pain in the short term.