Jump in the pool!


Around a year ago, we changed our daughter’s swim school. During her lessons, I usually check social media, listen to a book, or write thoughts on my Note10.

One day, I met one of my Punjabi friends. He was there with the swimming gear. Unfortunately, swimming is not a common sport in Punjab. So, I asked, “How did you learn swimming?”

His response amazed me! He said, “Brother, you must jump in the pool to learn swimming!”

He explained that we keep on discussing how to swim outside the pool. To learn, you must jump in the pool. Take some action!

He was dead right!

I was casually information gathering that day, with no intent to take any action. But, his words pierced me, so I bought my swimming gear. Then, I jumped in the pool during my daughter’s swimming class the following week.

I am so grateful for that little chat! I am blessed to continue jumping in the pool every week.

It is a widespread phenomenon, however. We keep talking about improving business processes and launching a new project but with no action. Likewise, executives keep discussing ERP implementation and digital transformation but without action.

Consider jumping in the pool! Take action! It is liberating!

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