What is the most crucial thing for the project sponsors? Keep it simple!


Keep it simple! Yes, that is right; success is yours if you keep things simple throughout the project!

It appears that humans have a general tendency to complicate things. Here are a few common examples:

  • During project start, the project roles and responsibilities are often unclear to the team members. It takes quite some time to determine the exact position and rise to the performing stage.
  • The project scope is seldom straightforward. Often it is a wishy-washy wishlist
  • Project documentation is rarely to the point
  • The project team confuse basic things like requirements Vs solution
  • Communication is often a complicated mess

The list goes on….
The level of complexity is directly proportional to the scope of the project. So, more extensive projects are relatively more complex.

As a sponsor, if you identify the complexity and direct the team to keep it simple, you can assure your success. However, do not confuse complexity with the challenges to develop a technical solution. The complexity is a naturally occurring phenomenon in every dimension of the project. So, stay close with the project team and stakeholders. In every interaction, identify their needs and strive to keep it simple.

Try to keep everything very very simple and guarantee your success!

Keep it simple