The leader must protect the boundaries! Do you?


Rivers have been the lifeline of plants, animals, and human civilizations. But, at the same time, rivers have brutally destroyed them too!


When the angry river water breaks all boundaries and destroys everything that comes their way!

We call them floods.

The Project teams are not different. They are the lifeline of all developing organisations.

There are unseen boundaries too. These boundaries define what is acceptable/unacceptable.

For example, is it acceptable to make a mistake and hide it under the carpet? Is it okay to miss a deadline without an update? Is it permissible to keep delaying making critical decisions?

There is no rule book for these boundaries. The employees pick up these limits by looking at their leaders. It eventually becomes part of the organisation’s culture.

But, if someone breaks these boundaries, you, as a leader must protect the boundaries!

Stand firm and tell clearly – It is not acceptable!

Set an example, so others don’t dare to break the boundary next time.

The question is, do you know the boundaries? Are you protecting them?

If you call yourself a leader, you must!