Life is a juggling act! So pay attention to the balls you are juggling!


Yes, life is a juggling act!

We are busy juggling multiple crystal balls. We are not alone, however. Our colleagues and team members are juggling with us too.

We nurture the balls and throw them at other team members. They do the same. Finally, the balls mature and give us a fairy. This fairy is the ‘Fairy of Value’ – big or small.

So pay attention to the balls you are juggling!

Not all balls are equal. Few are rotten eggs, which look like crystal balls. These are unnecessary tasks, processes, procedures, discussions and meetings. We must identify and drop them without guilt.

The other category to consider is the immature crystal balls. They are not ready to juggle. Remember ‘just in time’? We must pick them after clarifying our assumptions and ensuring it is an appropriate time to nurture them. This is the practical aspect of being agile and lean.

Are you feeling overwhelmed juggling too many balls? There is value in paying attention to the balls you are juggling. Identify the rotten eggs and immature balls and be ruthless in the decisions you are going to make.

I wish you happy juggling!

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