Look Beyond the Label Before Signing the Big Contract!

Visioning and Selection

What do luxury watches, purses, and automobiles have in common?
They are significantly more expensive. They may not be widely available, which adds to their rarity. Their possession inflates our ego since they indicate wealth, elite status, and position.
There is a certain charm to owning luxury items because they are somewhat expensive, rare, and a status symbol. They make us feel special in some way.

However, keep in mind that the product may not be particularly unique or of superior quality. If we remove the brand name, it may no longer be appealing to us.

The same truths apply to the vendors who provide services to us in the business realm. The vendors could represent a large corporation or a brand. However, it does not imply above-average quality. The appeal of choosing and working with them lies in their brand name.
So before you sign on the dotted line, think about what you’re getting yourself into. Look beyond the label, and note that there is no clear relationship between a brand’s name and its quality. The quality of resources and leaders entrusted to your project determines the quality of services delivered. So, before signing the contract or statement of work, ensure that your project team is comprised of the finest of the best!