Who lose the most in the marketplace?

Visioning and Selection

Uneducated buyers lose the most in the marketplace. Seriously, it is not the seller’s job to educate buyers if their offering is fit for purpose. The buyer must take the initiative and understand the problem, pain points, and how the proposed solution will fix the problem.

Trust me, enterprise software (ERP/CRM) procurement decisions are much more complicated than grocery shopping. As a sponsor/decision maker, you must do your homework and build a team of trusted partners before going to the market.

Remember, the seller’s job in the marketplace is to play with your emotions, so you crave their offering. Further, to make it look like the ERP/CRM implementation is a piece of cake. Finally, they want you to decide and sign the Purchase Order in a small time window.

Your job, on the other hand, is to thoroughly do your homework even before going to market. Form a team of trusted advisers. Keep emotions in check and make an informed decision for enterprise software procurement.

One thing is sure; the enterprise implementations are not as simple as the integration partners (vendors) will make you think. So, be prepared to win!