Not maintaining enterprise software? Why living in a filthy house?

Digital Transformation

Consider you have constructed a new house. You moved in and found the construction and migration process quite overwhelming. So, you never cleaned the house. You ignored the ongoing needs of your family members to live comfortably in the house. You did not make any changes with the changing needs of the family.

Close your eyes and try to visualise the house’s condition and family members living within!

The same example applies to maintaining enterprise software within your business. After the enterprise software implementation, companies often have no plans and provisions for continuous improvement and maintenance. There is usually no process to refine the business processes and introduce automation. There are no ongoing governance activities to ensure data quality and integrity. There is ad hoc training for the new staff. Over a period, things continue to get messier. However, organisations seldom address the root cause of the problem.

The root cause is that there are no plans and provisions to maintain your enterprise software. If you are experiencing such issues, the chances are that you are living in a filthy house. So, take charge, and do something about it!