Get Them Listening: How to Ensure Your Meetings Are Valuable and Worthwhile?


Many of us have been guilty of tuning out during general project status updates, as well as other sections of speeches related to our businesses. Unfortunately, when we are the ones delivering updates, the results are often no different. While our team members, colleagues, and direct reports may be nodding their heads, they are likely thinking about other important information. As a result, group team meetings can often be a waste of time.

To encourage others to listen, we must give them a good reason. One way to do so is by telling an engaging story or asking random questions that provoke thought. Additionally, asking for their notes and thoughts after the meeting can help keep them engaged. If possible, we can also ask them to present part of the information themselves. It is crucial to communicate why they should pay attention and what value they can derive from the meeting.

Ultimately, we cannot force people to listen; we must work hard to add value and create a worthwhile listening experience. By utilising these strategies, we can ensure that our project status updates and other business meetings are valuable and productive.