What is the most challenging aspect of digital projects?


There is often a big misconception that digital projects are all about technology. We implement cutting-edge technology and transform businesses. The common assumption is that technology is the most challenging aspect of digital projects. It is far from the truth, however!

The most challenging and exciting aspect is dealing with humans to get them to work together for an expected outcome. The challenges are managing their expectations, hopes, and desires.

It is fascinating to work in a constantly changing environment. The project stakeholder’s priorities change constantly. The decision-makers often change their minds too. As a result, you are often rushed to wait and run again.

So, if you want to improve efficiency and effectiveness, simplify the human element within your project. Digital technologies are straightforward. They are black or white, or zero/one, to be more precise. Whereas human interactions within the projects are different shades of grey that change their colour constantly!

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