Overcome Decision Paralysis and Make Progress!


Sometimes we feel stuck. As our next step appears to be a big jump. We think there is a risk. We feel overwhelmed and confused. Hence, we often make no decision and make no progress.

In business and personal life, we experience such situations.

For example, investing in business systems, technology or process improvement within the business. When we seek quotes and RFI responses, we may feel overwhelmed by the huge capital investment, time and risks. Many organisations under such circumstances choose to do nothing.

However, the better way could be:

  • to break the big project into smaller sub-projects and start working on them based on our time and capital constraints. or,
  • to find alternative cheaper short/medium-term solutions. Consider these solutions as a throwaway stepping stone solution. or,
  • to partner with other organisations (even competitors) and co-create a solution. or,
  • to partner with a solution vendor and co-create a solution. or,
  • to see funding from the government and industry programs. or,
  • to seek finance options for technology investment.

And the list goes on.

The key is not to stop. Instead, take the next logical step forward. The status quo cannot be our choice, it is instead our inability to make smart decisions.

In leadership positions, we must find ways to overcome decision paralysis and make progress!