Someone is paying for our inefficiencies!

Project Execution

Technology projects earn a bad name due to uncertain completion, outcome, and quality. The Project teams tend to be on the extreme north or south of the project methodology spectrum. Either they notoriously follow a set methodology, or there is no project management.

Either way, the business loses, and the project fails to deliver value.

So, what is the solution?

It is simple to know but requires our deep empathy to practice.

One of the solutions is to ask the following question for every methodology decision:

Would I be spending my own money like this?

If it is our own money, then we are likely to follow and set a plan, seek outside help and ensure the development of a robust implementation plan. We are unlikely to do things for the sake of it or manage projects on the fly.

Note that someone (customers, business owner, government) is paying for our inefficiencies. I believe the game will change when we start to become aware of it.