Play your role with intent!


We all have a role to play. Sometimes we are in sales, busy selling our product, service or craft. Other times we are customers making the best choices for ourselves and our organisations. So our roles are fluid, but always ensure to play your role with intent!

As a salesperson, understand your customers, their needs, and pain points and touch their emotions – deep inside. As a customer, know your problem, solution options, and returns on investment. Think with a rational mind. Keep the emotions in check while making the buying decision.

The Salesperson will always make it simpler for you to make a decision. There will be low barriers to entry. Everything will look too simple! But, as a customer, it is your responsibility to ask the right questions, negotiate and put your best foot forward for a win-win deal.

Remember, we are part of one big drama. We are playing our ever changing roles. It doesn’t matter what happens; always play your role with intent!