It is a Privilege to have the Ability to Change our Minds!

Decision making

The ability to change our minds (decisions) is a privilege. If done right, it gives us options, helps us manage risk, and opens new opportunities.

Here is the thing: We make decisions based on our current knowledge, conditions, and environment. After we decide, our understanding, situation, and environment are subject to change. So, what looked like a wise decision yesterday may be terrible today.

Hence, it is a privilege to have the ability to change our minds and decisions. Knowing how much flexibility we have for material choices is vital.

For example, changing my mind will be painful if I have invested $2M in ERP software. Other examples are marriage, buying a house, and resigning from a highly paid job to start a business.

Consider the degree to which you can change your mind after key decisions.

One thing is sure: the conditions, environment, and knowledge under which you have made decisions will change. They may sway in your favour, or maybe not.