These 11 project assumptions are causing immense grief!


The problem is that we do not document project assumptions and validate them. Instead, we keep on going with the broad leap of faith.

These 11 project assumptions are causing immense grief:

  1. The new enterprise software we choose will meet our current and future business needs
  2. There are enough resources to undertake Business As Usual (BAU) and project work
  3. We have competent resources to deliver the project
  4. The end-users will use the custom solution we are developing
  5. The project team will not resign or take unplanned leave
  6. The priorities of the software vendor will not change. The vendor will continue to provide the best possible service.
  7. We have covered all the requirements and not missing any critical feature
  8. The team will thoroughly test the solution before rolling it out to the production
  9. The project budgets are correct
  10. The project schedule/plan is logical and practical
  11. These will be minimal change management issues

We can keep on going with the assumptions list above. The point is that we assume the assumptions to be true. We seldom take the opportunity to document assumptions and validate them.

Therefore, don’t be disappointed when your assumptions are not met. Let your team to document and validate all assumptions to avoid grief later.