Why tools, methodologies and Project Management frameworks are overrated?


When I ask a plumber to fix a leaking tap, I don’t care which hand tools he may use. I don’t care about his method and approach to fixing the leaking tap. Instead, my focus is to ensure that the leaking tap is fixed in a reasonable timeframe and cost.

On the same principle, Project Sponsors are interested in efficiently solving the given business problem. So, let us stop discussing why DevOps is better than Jira. Stop wasting time explaining and selling internal methodologies and tools for Task management. They are merely tools to get the work done!

The fundamental thing is learning about the customer pain points and constructively proposing viable solution options.

Seriously, tools, methodologies and Project Management frameworks are overrated! So, don’t choose implementation partners with fancy tool kits. Instead, choose vendors that know how to use various tools out of the toolkit and when.