Project planning is useless until we address this annoying thing!


We prepare a project plan. Then Business As Usual (BAU) work surprise us by taking priority, and we plan again. It is one of the typical negative cycles we all experience. Unfortunately, it looks like we have accepted it as a general business practice. So, we seldom do much about it!

For example, we plan User Acceptance Testing (UAT). The Customer Project team is ready to execute the test cases per the agreed plan. However, just before the start of UAT, the Procurement Manager has to attend urgent meetings to cover a large order. Similarly, the Finance manager pulls back resources to assist him in preparing a slide deck for the Board. Hence, the UAT plan goes out of the window, and we plan again. # The project planning is useless!

Does that sound familiar?

This phenomenon is one of the significant contributors to cost overruns. In addition, it affects the project’s momentum and demoralises the Project team.

As a Project Sponsor, you have a choice to make!

Either you accept it as part of life or roll your sleeves and do something about it!