8 profound reasons to protect the project timeline in every possible way!


Enterprise projects (ERP/CRM) are big, complex and messy. They often require Project Sponsors to make hard decisions. One thing that every Sponsor must protect is the Project completion date. So, the Sponsor must ensure that project completes as per the planned timeline.

Why is it so important?

Here are 8 reasons to protect the project timeline in every possible way!

  1. Momentum – When the project completion date is non-negotiable, it helps to build massive momentum. With momentum, you gain efficiency and get the work done.
  2. Quality – Believe it or not, you are super focused when working on tightly managed projects. The Project team finds innovative ways to collaborate and provide a high-quality outcome. The team focuses on what is essential and genuinely understands the Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule).
  3. Work expands to the available timeline – Remember the Parkinson’s law “work expands to fill the time available for its completion”. Therefore, extending the project timeline does not necessarily mean a better quality product. However, you will definitely get better results by protecting the project timeline.
  4. Cost of Delay – Consider how much it costs you to delay the project (extend project completion date). It may be better to deploy extra resources and spend more to complete the project on time.
  5. Scope creep – When the team is focused, there are little chances of scope creep and unnecessary extra work. There is simply no room for it.
  6. Habit & Culture – By protecting the project timeline, you set the right example and form a good habit within the business. As a result, you develop a culture of focus, dedication and commitment within the company.
  7. Reduce Work in Progress (WIP) – When you complete projects on time, you reduce WIP. So, there are better opportunities for focusing on the next things on your list.
  8. Better Returns on Investment (ROI) – Consider the points above; with these points in action, you will skyrocket your ROI.

Remember, when we deal with complexity, expecting perfection is insanity. So, set expectations with the stakeholders that the Project team is working toward a workable product. Then, the team will iteratively refine the product based on the feedback from the users.

Far too many projects drift endlessly. I hope your project is not one of them. Protect the project timeline in every possible way!