Purpose of gaining attention!


Years ago, only the business leader had the privilege of gaining attention. They stand in the middle, and people around them would listen. Their emails are broadcast with the ‘IMPORTANT’ suffix in the email subject.

Things have moved on; with social media, collaboration platforms and technology, attention has been liberalised. Now, anyone with internet access can endeavour to gain attention. But, with this movement, there is so much noise everywhere too. Hence, everyone is competing for attention.

While the world has changed, as leaders, we have a choice to make. Either we give up and leave the noisy place alone or start making noise in an attempt to gain attention.

Before making a choice, though, maybe it is worth asking – what is my purpose of gaining attention?

Is it to boost my ego, pride and tell others how good I am?


Serve, educate, and transform others in a relatively little way?