Have you got the right people sitting in the right seats?

Digital Transformation

Any project’s success is a testament to the Project team. The right people sitting in the right seats drive the Project to success.

It is well-known, yet many projects start with an ad hoc team. The team tries to figure it out on the fly. As a result, the Project suffers from the very start. There is likely to be a rework. The Project takes more time, effort and resources.

Is it worth it?

The solution is straightforward. First, do not rush for an imaginary Go-Live date. The dates are likely to change multiple times throughout the Project.

Therefore commit to not initiating the Project until you are satisfied with the Project team. Get the right people and make sure they are assigned to the appropriate roles. If you are strict on this, you will be chilling out for the rest of the Project. So, make an attempt to get the right people sitting in the right seats!

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