Risk management workshops are a waste of time!


Yes, Risk management workshops are a waste of time.

One day a group of stakeholders get together and talk about project risks. The facilitator documents the risks along with other information in the risk register. The next day everyone gets busy in their lives. What value does this process add to the project?

Risk management is not a one-time event. A risk management workshop can be a good start if we educate about risk management rather than brainstorming risks. We may cover topics like:

  • The importance of identifying and reporting risks throughout the project.
  • Why does risk management matter? What are the implications of not reporting risks?
  • What happens after risks are reported to the Project Manager?
  • What is your responsibility if you are a risk owner?

Risk management is about developing a culture of risk mindfulness within the project team and organisation. One day workshops are a waste of time. Simply, a tick in a box! So, don’t bother wasting money on it!

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