Role of the Business Architect!


In your organisation, who is responsible for the following:

Strategic level

  • Mapping the business vision, short/medium-term goals and strategy into meaningful and measurable context.
  • Mapping gaps between the ‘current’ and ‘future’ state of the business to meet the short/medium-term goals of the company.
  • Developing roadmaps to implement the business strategy

Operational level

  • Mapping organisational structure (Business entities and their relationships, Organisational hierarchy, Geographical locations, Lines of service/value chains under each business)
  • Mapping business problems and opportunities under each business entity
  • Mapping capabilities of each line of service/value chain (for the Business Entities)
  • Mapping and overlaying solutions/systems/technology assets over the business capabilities

Holistically, this is the role of the Business Architect. Before any significant technology investment, make sure you fill this role first. Numerous projects fail because they miss the structured top-down approach for solutions assessment and implementation. Make sure your organisation is not one of them!

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