The Software Project Has Gone Wrong!


The Project Sponsors often know too late that the software project has gone wrong.

Software Project Has Gone Wrong

Look, it takes at least a couple of months to deliver a software project. So, it is not that these projects go wrong overnight.

The project team are the first one to sense it. They experience and observe the abnormalities within the Project firsthand. However, they focus on the work per their role and responsibilities. So, the Project Board knows about the disaster when it is too late.

Now the question is, why the Project team does not speak up?

As a sponsor, this is the question that you must answer!

Here are a few questions for you:

  • Are you actively promoting a culture of openness and transparency within the Project Team?
  • Do you encourage Project team members to talk to you and share their views and concerns without judgment?
  • Are you working to flatten the project team’s structure within more hierarchical and regimented organisations?

Summary – Why You Know Too Late That The Software Project Has Gone Wrong?

Encourage your team to share their view and concerns openly. You are likely to know the project risks that can lead to failure well in time. So, you can manage these risks effectively before it is too late.

Note that the Project Status Reports and Board Slidedecks does not always give you the complete information. So, take a more human approach and encourage open discussions. Get the team to put their concerns on the table and do something about them!