Don’t steal time from the Project Team!

Decision making

Like everything else, we have expectations from the software implementations. Especially enterprise software (ERP/CRM) implementations that impact many organisational divisions. Sponsors and executives often set arbitrary Go-Live expectations. Then, without much consultation with the vendors and staff, they sell to the board when the project is going to be complete.

The vendor Sales team’s priority is often to get the deal over the line and get the pleasure of ringing another sales bell!

The landmines are planted for the Delivery team when the Sponsors chew the delivery timeline without moving the Go-Live date. It could be due to deciding on the vendor, budget submission to the board, or other reasons. Unfortunately, the executives do not feel shy sitting on the decisions, chewing up the delivery timeline and expecting that the Go-Live date should not change.

This is insanity at the next level! Firstly, don’t set arbitrary Go-Live dates and force them on the Delivery teams. Further, don’t steal time from the Project team by sitting on the executive decisions. Do yourself a favour by following a pragmatic approach to enterprise software implementations!