Technology in Non for Profit sector!

Not for Profit

There is a massive opportunity in front of us!

Software and technology solutions are standing right in front of our doorstep. They are knocking on our door and screaming that they have value to add!

For one reason or another, the Non for Profit (NFP) sector has been very laid back in adopting technology.

Fortunately, technology solutions are now mature to add massive value. Therefore, we need NFP leaders to align and commit to transformation and reap the benefits.

It is shocking that NFPs still scramble to process information. It is still common to see multiple excel spreadsheets, handwritten forms, and the movement of physical files in the office; you get the idea.

I want you to close your eyes and visualise!

Close your eye gently!

Now visualise your friends, family, and colleagues starting to use horsecarts for travel. They know that cars exist and can save time and effort, but they are ignorant of the fact. Observe how few of your friends are so naïve to drive the car they possess. Now see how few sit comfortably in the car, but a horse still pushes the car.

In the real world, the use of technology within NFP is not far from the above scenario.

This massive opportunity is waiting on our doorstep! Technology in Non for Profit sector is ripe to give tremendous benefits.

I am not saying it is easy to adopt, though!

Enterprise technology adoption requires a lot of hard work and commitment. But it is certainly worth it!

Here is a question for you:

As an NFP executive, would you like to sit on the fence or take action and be at the forefront of change, offering great value to your stakeholders?

This is the decision that you have to make!

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