Transform vendor relationships from ‘transactional’ to ‘partnership’!


There are fundamental differences between B2B and B2C operating models. The problem is that we limit our thinking and possibilities due to sheer ignorance. For instance, we keep managing B2B relationships like B2C. We restrict ourselves only to transactional relationships. For example, we buy products/services in return for money. Instead, we must look at the big picture and ask why the vendor should do business with us? Other than a new customer and financial benefit, what else is there for them? As a business, other than money, what else we can offer to them? How can we partner with the vendor for an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship?

You will be a much more valuable customer if you answer the above questions. You can demonstrate to the vendor what more is there for them. It helps you and your business to lift yet to another level. So, take time and answer the questions. Sell yourself as a customer as well as a partner. With the right suppliers, transform vendor relationships from transactional to partnership! It is worth it!