Truth is like a needle in a stack of falsehood!


We are increasingly distracted by technology, culture, office politics and power games. As an executive, it is vital to hear the truth and make decisions that matter. However, truth is like a needle in a stack of falsehood.

To be politically correct, we mould things so much that truth simply is non-existent. So, for example, rather than saying – ‘Because of delays in decisions from you, we have missed a deadline.’, you may hear, ‘We know you are so busy, we have refactored our milestones to allow more time for you to make a few key decisions.’

It appears we do not like to consume direct conversation. Professional communication is increasingly getting complex.

There is unnecessary jargon within Project Status reports, Steering Committee packs, Stand-ups and every other formal and informal communication. Unfortunately, obscuring the truth and intentionally muddy waters appear to be a valued skill in business.

Note that as an executive, you hear much noise. Not everything you hear is purely a truth. You have to uncover the truth within the noise. No doubt, truth is like a needle in a stack of falsehood!