Types of Organisations! Which One Is Yours?

Organisation Culture

I have come across the following types of organisations:

  • Discussion lovers: They love to talk, gain everyone’s perspective, and try to keep everyone involved. The management keeps its people happy. No major disruptive decisions are made, and the organisation continues to cruise.
  • Action lovers: They measure everything in terms of action. The management staff is busy. They want to see their staff is busy too. So, people continue to bang their heads against a wall and wonder why we are not making progress.
  • Rule Lovers: These organisations have way too many rules. Each employee has a well-defined role. The work culture tends to be very formal. The process takes priority over the service. You often hear from the staff – “It is not my problem!”.
  • Innovators: These organisations have regiments of dedicated people who are loyal to their leaders. They collaborate, hear, learn and take actions as directed by their leader. They communicate with minimum fuss and tell the truth. They are the ones who make a giant leap forward towards transformation.

Which type of organisation are you working for?

Which other types of organisations have you experienced?

Types of Organisations