Understand and appreciate our differences!


This morning, my daughter was a little angry.

I didn’t like that! So, I pretended to be angry to demonstrate how others perceived me as an angry person. She got the message.

Later in the day, I told her that she should learn to manage her anger. She said, “Papa, I am still a kid; I am not a grown-up!”

I cannot agree more! So, I said you have a point!

This is the mistake we all make in our personal and business lives. We assume others are the same as us. However, no one is the same. We have different thinking patterns, beliefs, values, priorities, goals, problems, objectives, expectations, and experiences. Still, we struggle to understand why the other person is not getting our simple point.

Next time you see yourself frustrated to get your point across, remind yourself to understand and appreciate our differences!

Credit: To Bhani to refresh my mind with this important lesson. Thank you!