Are you underutilising your enterprise software? 7 point checklist!

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There are many reasons you are underutilising your enterprise software. However, you should not take this lightly, as it costs your business. The following are the reasons you are not fully utilising current enterprise software.

1. You are paying subscription/ AMC on unused modules

Check with the ERP consultant if you are using all the licensed modules. Drop off subscription and annual maintenance of the modules that are not in use.

2. Annual Maintenance (Support)

Check if you optimally utilise the services with Managed Services Provider. Also, check if you are not paying too much for technical issues resolutions.

3. Reinventing

The staff is optimally using the software as per its design. Ensure that the staff is not reinventing and processing information outside the enterprise software. For example, a new team may use a spreadsheet to order raw material, ignoring the MRP process.

4. Training for new staff

There is a process to teach and support the new team about the software.

5. Quality and complete data

Data owners regularly audit the system’s data. They ensure the quality and integrity of the data on ongoing bases

6. Software is up to date

The software is on the latest version. Besides, there is a process to roll out new features within the business.

7. Continuous improvement

As the business changes, the software evolves with it. There is a consistent improvement process to ensure bugs and minor enhancements.

Replacing your existing enterprise software is time-consuming and costly. But, if you keep tight governance, you can save yourself from the pain of implementing new software.

underutilising your enterprise software

Like any other physical asset, invest in and take care of your enterprise software. You will prolong its life, and it will help you run your business like a well-oiled machine.